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Why Nicola Vernici® ?

Our products have been conceived, formulated and manufactured using the best raw materials available on the national and international market, and must pass strict laboratory tests and meet every European standard.

package personalisation

Personalized packaging & graphics and the possibility to choose from 30+ different formats.

Free sampling service

We guarantee free sample shipping via DHL courier all over the world.

From producer to consumer

Possibility for commercial activities, resellers and the companies to buy directly from the factory.

100% made in Italy


Farbelast was born in Turin to meet the needs of a constantly evolving market, with a national and international level.
The company has top-notch technologies, a sophisticated analysis laboratory and a commercial network branched into 3 different continents.
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100% Green

Carbon Neutral Certified

We are honored to announce that our products are Carbon neutral certified. Carbon neutral means we have calculated all unavoidable carbon emissions created during production and offset them via a recognized, certified carbon offset project. This enables end customers to become active in climate protection without incurring noticeable restrictions to their behavior. By selecting a carbon neutral product, they are automatically supporting a carbon offset project.

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let us bring the charge

Why Farbelast® Paints?

Our range of products respects the highest European quality standards while fully respecting the surrounding environment

Eco-friendly formulations

Our range of products respects the environment and the production cycle is Zero impact

Personalized consulting

We evaluate together the choice of the appropriate product, advising you the best products and services.

Exclusive and real color charts

Ability to completely replicate any sample color and any existing color scale, creation of custom colors.

One of a kind products & technology

Our exclusive line of products is used by the most famous architecture-interior design firms in Italy.

Good Qulity



Abbiamo la possibilità di replicare l’intera scala colori NCS su tutta la nostra gamma di prodotti.

S 7000-N

S 4040-B

“S 4050-R70B

S 5020-G30Y

Colori Vintage

Per la creazione della nostra linea Vintage abbiamo riscoperto la celebre scala colori creata nei laboratori artigianali del nostro colorificio in un arco temporale compreso tra il 1920 ed il 1935 e tra il 1965 ed il 1975.

venezia 3


mela 3

Mela verde

zucchero 3

Carta Zucchero

lavanda 3


RAL colors

Abbiamo la possibilità di replicare l’intera scala colori RAL su tutta la nostra gamma di prodotti.

Pastel orange
RAL : 2003
HEX : FF7514

Red orange
RAL 2001

Pearl opal green
RAL 6036

Orient red
RAL 3031

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